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5 Easy Ways to Make Someone’s Birthday Special

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1 Make Them a Cake or Cupcake from Scratch

There is something extra special about receiving homemade baked goods from a loved one. I personally enjoy doing everything from scratch (nothing beats homemade buttercream frosting) but there are a ton of simple cupcake kits out there. I really love this simple Unicorn Cupcake kit from Betty Crocker it comes with everything you need down to the sprinkles and they are super easy to make.

2 Give Them a Handwritten Birthday Card

This used to be one of those things I always told myself I would do, but never made the time for until I found Handwrytten. Handwrytten does all of the annoying work of buying cards, trying to make your writing look legible (mine is the worst) and mailing it out in time- you simply choose your favorite birthday card in the app and write up to 500 characters worth of birthday wishes. Who knew using an automated greeting card services like Handwrytten could make birthdays so much easier?

The recipient will get a lovely personalized birthday card that looks handwritten. They use robotic handwriting machines that use an actual pen and you can choose from different types of handwriting styles too. You can even add a gift card to be included with your card. The price for a birthday card starts at $3.25 plus postage - which ends up being cheaper than a lot of the cards you see in stores.

This is perfect for out of town friends and relatives you won’t be able to visit on their birthday.

3. Surprise Them With Birthday Decorations

This is a fun one to do with immediate family or roommates. Just keep a small box of birthday decorations on hand for that special day and wake up earlier than them to decorate your table and hang a couple sure decorations for their birthday breakfast before work or schools. It’s an easy extra touch that will make them feel extra special on their birthday!

Here’s a cute and affordable unisex birthday kit for all ages that would be perfect to have on hand.

4. Give Them A Call

This one sounds so simple, but it really is one of the most meaningful things you can do. While texting happy birthday is kind, it’s pretty impersonal. So go on ahead and pick up your phone and make their day a little brighter.

If they live in another city or are traveling for their birthday you could take this up a notch with a planned video call.

5. Take Them Shopping at Their Favorite Store

This one is great if you really aren’t sure what to get them. It also makes for a fun outing for the two of you.

If they live far away you could try a virtual version of this. Tell them to pick an item at their favorite web store and just send you a link to make the final purchase.

I hope you enjoyed the article! For more fun birthday ideas check out this great article from The Confetti Post!

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