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A Year of Change

We spend each December feasting and celebrating with loved ones.  We cover our homes in cheerful decorations.  We spend time at home cozy and relaxed.  

Then comes icy January.  We start this period of winter with New Year's resolutions focused on dieting and exercise.  We make ourselves feel bad about our December joys.

So this year I want to do something different. 

I don't want to increase how many days I go to the gym.  I'm happy with how consistently I've worked out over the past year.  I'm okay if I go to the gym less often when the roads are covered in ice or snow. I don't want to change my diet.  I eat pretty healthily and I don't feel shame for the moments when I indulge in a good meal or dessert.

What I do want to work on changing is my self-confidence.  I want to have fewer moments of self-doubt.  I don't want to keep letting opportunities pass me by because I don't feel like I'm good enough.

This year I'm challenging myself to put myself out there more.  I want to apply for job opportunities I'm normally afraid I won't get.  I'm going to make more of an effort to get my writing published.

I'll start flirting with men I'm genuinely interested in.  I'm going to stop only dating the men that chase me.  

I'm going to be proud of the things I do well.  I'm not going to worry about what others think of me for having that pride.  I'm going to do my best to find the joy around me.  I will strive to achieve the dreams I've given up on in the past.  

I won't tell myself that I'm not smart enough or talented enough or pretty enough.  I won't let myself worry about that.  

In 2023 I will be unapologetically me.  

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