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Are You A Savvy Shopper?

Updated: Feb 19

This is a sponsored post by Shoppsie. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

Do you constantly seek out the best deals online? Are you often scouring the internet for promo codes and coupons? Do you sometimes stop yourself from buying something in-store because you want to see if it's cheaper online?

If you said yes to any of the questions above, you are definitely a savvy shopper. But even if you said no to all of them, Shoppsie can turn you into one just by downloading their simple Chrome extension.

Shoppsie notifies you of all the best coupons and deals from thousands of stores. They even give you the chance to win back every dollar you spent every time you shop through the Shoppsie Chrome extension.

As someone that always wants to get a good deal, but doesn't always have the time to search the internet for deals, Shoppsie is my new favorite thing! Other cashback apps and extensions I've used before only offered pennies on the dollar for purchases, so I love the fact that I can potentially win back my entire purchase!

Downloading Shoppsie is super easy. Just make sure you're using the Chrome browser and go to or just click here. It took me less than a minute. And as a heads up they never track your online behavior or sell your data.

If you end up downloading the Shoppsie Chrome extension let me know below!

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