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Biossance Squalene + Lactic Acid Resurfacing Night Serum Review

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The year that I turned twenty-nine was the year I finally realized that my luck had run out and that living a high stress life with poor eating and sleeping habits and almost no skincare routine was no longer acceptable. I suddenly needed to make a lot of changes before the light wrinkles around my eyes began to get larger. I was also starting to notice more blemishes on my face than I had in high school. And so my search for the perfect skincare routine began.

After trying out a variety of toners, I landed on a rose water and witch hazel blend. I still switch between a few face creams, but my favorite has become a retinol A based cream. However, after trying out a variety of serums everything sort of felt lackluster and a couple actually irritated my skin. So, when Influenster asked if I would like to try out a complimentary bottle of clean beauty brand Biossance's new resurfacing night serum with squalene and lactic acid in exchange for an honest review, I figured it would be worth a shot.

When I first pumped out a couple drops of the Biossance resurfacing night serum I really loved how it had a softer and creamier feel than some of the serums that had bothered my skin. I will also say that this is the first serum that I was a bit turned off by because of the scent. Since it's a vegan product, I never quite expected that it would smell like baby formula. I can only assume that its from the vegan lactic acid and I suppose they chose to not hide the scent in order to keep the product free of unnecessary fragrance. I definitely had to remind myself that they had claimed that 100% of users had noticed significant skin exfoliation, improvement in the appearance of pores and a reduction of the appearance of wrinkles overnight while I applied this odd smelling serum.

I'm not sure that I noticed a huge difference overnight, except my skin did feel a bit more dewy than usual. I will say that after I used it for a full week my skin had already shown some pretty drastic improvement. I've noticed that most serums that promise wrinkle reduction either don't work or just tighten skin and with that likely damage it. I was honestly pretty shocked that my skin was both noticeably softer and firmer. After using this for about a month I can barely noticed the lines around my eyes and the light wrinkles on my forehead have definitely minimized.

I'm thankful that I received this product in the mail for a review, because if I had seen this at Sephora I likely would have just smelled a bit of it and out it back on the shelf. It's a bit steep at $62 for 1oz, but I personally think its worth it to be able to reduce wrinkles before they are beyond repair. This one is definitely going to stay a regular in my skincare routine.

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