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Chapin Coffee - Luz de Vida Review

Luz de Vida means light of life in Spanish. I personally couldn’t think of a more fitting name for the signature blend of a coffee company that gives so much back to their community — giving everyone just a little extra ray of hope.

Every time you purchase a bag of Chapin Coffee’s Luz de Vida you are giving three meals to children in need in Guatemala with their partner NGO organization Pueblo a Pueblo. So far Chapin Coffee has given away 45,472 meals. They’re also partners with Planet Access Company - an organization that helps create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Every bag of coffee is also organic and fair trade certified. Even that cute traditional Mayan fabric bag was handcrafted by a female artisan in Guatemala - giving more jobs to local artists.

This is the sort of company that makes me happy to spend a little bit more on their coffee. If you’ve been on the fence about going organic because of the price, this is an excellent place to spend that extra money. Not just will you have the benefits of a better quality coffee, but you’ll be giving back to others with each purchase.

Now here’s the review:

I try to view coffee tasting similarly to a wine tasting. Before my first sip I make sure to smell the fresh coffee while it’s still black and pick up any tasting notes. In this one I really noticed the notes of brown sugar with some light floral notes as well.

Even before my first sip I was already falling in love with this coffee.

It’s a nice and smooth mellow blend with a bold and flavorful kick to it. It actually did seem to have a bit of a natural sweetness to it along with very light notes of caramel and I really enjoyed that. It was certainly lovely to enjoy it black, but also amazing with cream.

Honestly, this was the best cup of coffee I’ve had all year. It’s the sort of blend I would just enjoy while relaxing with a book or writing. It’s one that could just be savored on it’s own with or without a little cream. I also think it would pair pretty nicely with a nice slice of blueberry pie or an orange and cranberry scone.

From now until March 31st if you use the code Tori10 you will get 10% off all Specialty Coffees - i.e. any of the 12oz Whole Bean or Ground coffees (single serve pods and monthly subscriptions are not included) when you purchase here.

P.S. If you’ve been enjoying the blog you can always buy us a coffee here. Thanks again for reading and make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already!

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