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Coffee Break: Orosi Coffee - Brazil

When I first heard about Orosi Coffee I just knew I had to try them out. Not just is each batch expertly crafted by Italian Artisans, but they make sure to ethically source all of their Arabica coffee beans. I'm always a fan of trying out new artisan coffees and a much bigger fan of coffee companies that make sure that they are ethically sourcing their coffee beans. This one was new on my radar so I had to see if they were as amazing as they sounded.

After debating between their amazing selection of single-origin coffees, I ended up selecting their Brazil single-origin to try first. The variety of coffee beans they use in this one are called yellow catuai. It's sourced specifically from Mantiqueira de Minas - a part of Brazil that has dominated national competitions in the last ten years. It was hard not to assume that an artisan roasted batch made from these coffee beans would be anything less than exquisite.

As always, I tested this out as a pour-over coffee without any added creamers or sugar. I found this to be extremely smooth and I noticed notes of cashew and caramel. I actually might continue to drink this one black since it has such a lovely flavor and was so silky smooth. It's a lovely medium roast that I think would be best savored on a relaxed morning and it would pair very well with apple pancakes or maple cinnamon oatmeal. This is definitely one that I'll be buying again in the future.

If you want to try this for yourself make sure to visit their website and get their coffee shipped directly to your door.

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