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Coffee Break: Sunergos Coffee Guatemala Los Volcanes

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Named after the Greek word for working together, Sunergos has always been one of my favorite local coffee houses. It’s a lovely place to do a bit of writing or catch up with a friend. I used to make a point to try to go there on my visits back to Louisville when I lived in New York. You could always count on good coffee and a calm and welcoming atmosphere. If you ever find yourself in Louisville, KY, I highly recommend checking them out.

They make a variety of amazing coffee roasts you can either buy online or in one of their four locations. For this review, I decided to go with the Guatemala Los Volcanes blend. It seemed fitting to go with a bourbon varietal for a coffee roasted in Kentucky. For those that aren’t familiar, bourbon coffee beans are a specific varietal of Arabica coffee beans. The coffee itself doesn’t have any bourbon - you still need to add that on your own ;)

Sungergos Coffee Guatemala Los Volcanes

This was an absolutely lovely one to brew. On the nose, it has a slight sweetness to it. You can really notice notes of vanilla and chocolate here. It certainly left a nice aroma in my apartment each time I brewed it.

Upon tasting, you can immediately tell that this is a more acidic blend, but it’s still nice and smooth. I definitely picked up the notes of molasses, malt, vanilla, and light hints of dried dark fruit. It’s more of a medium blend. It's definitely one that I would suggest with a chocolate croissant or some nice chocolate - my instinct was to specifically pair this with a Cadbury Fruit and Nut Bar. If you’re the type of person to pair a cup of coffee with your dessert, this is the perfect coffee for that.

If you want to try it for yourself click here.

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