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Coffee Break: Wave - Sweet Daze Blend

I was both excited and trepidatious about trying out Wave's Sweet Daze Blend. They have two blends the Smooth Talk with chocolate notes (review coming soon!) and the Sweet Daze with fruit notes. When I think of fruit notes I immediately think of wine or chocolate, not coffee. When I first opened the bag though the beans had such a lovely aroma I couldn't imagine it being a bad surprise.

For my first encounter with this exotic blend, I decided to make it in a French press to enhance the flavor. It was a nice mellow blend. It wouldn't exactly call it fruity, but I did pick up light notes of apricot and blood orange. I can only explain it by comparing it to a bar of dark chocolate with light fruit notes. It didn't make it sweet or tangy, it just gave it a nice rich flavor-profile that made it a bit more enjoyable.

It's the perfect blend to pair with fresh orange scones or apple pancakes. I also personally liked this one as a nice afternoon pick-me-up blend since it wasn't too bold. I usually add oat milk to my coffee, but this had such a nice flavor I ended up drinking it black.

So a bit about Wave:

They're a new small business currently only sold online. Their coffee blends contain no additives at all. They focus on crafting the perfect flavor profiles on a small number of blends and you can taste the difference.

I love that they offer a subscription option as well. Just let them know if you want your coffee delivered once a week, once every two weeks, or once a month.

I wish I had known about Wave in spring when I was buying whatever coffee I could find in stores due to everyone's panic shopping for quarantine. It would have been a dream to have a box of this every two weeks on my doorstep during quarantine!

If this sounds like something you might like, you can go to to order or learn more about them.

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