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Coffee Break with Blue Lava Coffee Roasters

Be kind. Be Authentic. These are the mottos that Blue Lava Coffee Roasters live by.

Their goal is to connect coffee consumers with the region where their coffee beans are grown by using traditional roasting practices and giving back to the farmers.

The two roasts I tried were a part of the Farm Gate program. This means that the farmers are paid anywhere from 50% - 100% more than regular fair trade prices. They also give a portion of their overall profits to Coffee Kids - a program empowering young coffee farmers to create thriving businesses and a sustainable livelihood.

Always remember that by spending a little more on products that follow good practices and give back to the communities they work with, you are changing the world for the better.

So here are my reviews:

Sumatra Dry Process Gunung Tujuh

This was a very lovely bold roast. It had a very rich, almost earthy flavor with notes of cocoa nibs, dried cherries, and plum. This is one that I could enjoy black. It's a wonderfully unique flavor with a nice kick of caffeine.

I think this one would pair well with a breakfast of oatmeal with dried cranberries or raisins. It would also go great with a nice rich piece of chocolate cake.

Kenya Othaya Co-op Peaberry

This is honestly one of the smoothest roasts I've ever had. It's a mild roast and I noticed light notes of plum and honey. If you're normally a breakfast blend person you'll fall in love with this delicately smooth roast.

I think this would be perfectly paired with pancakes and maple syrup. It would also be lovely with an acai bowl.

If you think you might want to try out one of these roasts and support an amazing brand all new customers will receive 15% off when they use the code TOTALLYTORIBLUE at

They're also doing a ton of giveaways on their Instagram this month so make sure to follow them @Blue.Lava.Coffee.Roasters


If you use the code or purchase from one of my Amazon links on the blog I will receive a small commission. It helps keep this blog going! If you just want to give back to the blog you can buy us a cup of coffee here!


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