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Coffee Break with Sheratique 6-Bean Espresso

This week's featured coffee is Sheratique's 6-Bean Espresso.

Based out of Temecula, CA, Sheratique was founded in 2018 by a group of siblings that wanted to make a coffee that would spark positive energy.

Their 6-Bean Espresso is a gourmet blend of coffee beans from Indonesia, Africa, Central, and South America.

It’s a wonderfully robust roast with an almost smoky and earthy flavor to it with hints of cocoa. It's very bold and surprisingly smooth for such a rich roast.

I made it using my pour-over and loved it. I'll definitely be making some espresso drinks with this one in the future as well.

It would pair wonderfully with cranberry walnut oatmeal. It would also work as a nice hearty coffee to accompany a traditional Irish breakfast.

If you're interested in trying it out for yourself just click here!


This post was not sponsored! But, if you purchase from one of my Amazon links on the blog I will receive a small commission. It helps keep this blog going! Or if you just want to give back to the blog directly you can buy us a cup of coffee here!

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