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Coffee Break: Coletti Coffee Yosemite Blend

There’s nothing better than drinking a nice cup of coffee while watching the sunrise out in the great outdoors.

Coletti Coffee’s Yosemite blend is uniquely designed to be made and enjoyed for moments just like this while camping, glamping or out on the trail.

So what makes this coffee better for your outdoor adventures?

The Coletti Coffee Yosemite blend has 20% more caffeine than regular coffee so it gives you an extra boost of pep for your hike. This blend is also uniquely designed to pair well with campfires.

So is this coffee actually worth bringing along to your hike?

I initially noticed notes of cocoa, caramel and a nice smokiness on the nose. Maybe it’s because I was thinking of camping when I tried this, but between the smokey and caramel notes it almost had a toasted marshmallow scent.

In terms of actual flavor it was a lovely rich roast with a light smokiness and notes of roasted chestnut. I found it to be a very smooth, but full bodied blend. I thought it was a great coffee to start your day with and would pair well with freshly cooked bacon or a nice warm croissant.

I haven’t had the chance to make it in a percolator over a campfire yet, but I imagine it would be the perfect blend for the task. I can say, though, that it does taste amazing out in the great outdoors.

If you’re looking for a coffee to take on your next camping trip or you just want something that would be nice to sip on a brisk fall morning on your front porch definitely check out Coletti Coffee’s Yosemite blend.

Click here to try it for yourself!

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