• Tori Long

Day 13 - New Year, New You 30-Day Challenge

Welcome to day thirteen of the challenge!

Today's post is probably my favorite. It took me a long time to realize just how valuable taking time for self-care really is.

We only have one body and we have to value it and nurture it every single day. Self-care is more than just face masks and bubble baths, it's choosing healthier diets, exercising, and making sure our mental health is in check.

Side note:

If you aren't familiar with the challenge but somehow ended up on this post, just jump over to this page.

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Daily Writing Exercise:

It’s so great that you know that self-care is essential to a happy life. I’m delighted you’re taking care of yourself this year.

Now that's what I call following your bliss.

We all need to do what we can to make sure we’re at our best. How do you feel now?

How are you scheduling self-care this year?

Daily Activity:

Post a picture or video of yourself walking in the fresh air or giving yourself a self-affirming talk.


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