• Tori Long

Day 18 - New Year, New You 30-Day Challenge

Congrats on making it to day 18 of the challenge!

Let me know if you've noticed any real progress. Each day is only a small step forward, but it's the small daily steps that really create true growth.

If you aren't familiar with the challenge but somehow ended up on this post, just jump over to this page.

Don't forget to tag me in any of the challenges you post on social media @readthisonyourcoffeebreak on Instagram and @Read_Break on Twitter!

Daily Writing Exercise:

I love it when you celebrate your milestones. It’s great that you are planning both big and small outcomes.

This is what really keeps you going — no matter where you are on your journey you can always celebrate!

Tell us how you’re marking today’s milestone. What is giving you satisfaction?

Daily Action:

Share a brief video of you “raising the roof” and proclaiming to the world one thing you’ve learned this week or that you achieved today.


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