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Good Essentials Rosemary and Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray and Face + Mask Aromatherapy Mist Review

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Good Essentials Rosemary and Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray $12 for 3.4 oz

I still can’t believe that I was able to find a hand sanitizer that both smells amazing and doesn’t dry out my hands.

And yes, it does still kill 99.9% of germs with its main ingredient ethyl alcohol.

I’m assuming that the main reason it leaves my hands soft after using it is because of its third listed ingredient aloe barbadensis leaf juice. It’s also infused with not just lavender and rosemary oil, but also licorice, ginger and orange oil - making it not just extra gentle on your hands, but an absolutely lovely mix of herbs.

One spray of this on my hands after shopping and I don’t just feel a bit cleaner and safer, but also more relaxed. It’s also super convenient. I just leave the spray bottle in my car’s cup holder to always make sure I have it with me when I have to be out. It’s my new favorite product I’ve found in 2020 and I think it will stay a staple for me even after Covid-19 is no longer an issue.

Good Essentials Face + Mask Aromatherapy Mist $9 for .27 oz

The first time I used an aromatherapy mist was in a yoga class. During shavasana the instructor walked around and gave each of us a gentle mist of lavender to enhance our relaxation. I’m reminded of that near meditative state each time I put on my face mask after I spray it with this.

It’s actually a really cool idea that I’m disappointed in myself for not thinking of before I saw this product. Face masks, although super necessary and amazing right now, somehow add just a bit of stress when you put them on. Just adding this herbal mix of lavender, rosemary, grapefruit and lemon oil will just melt off your stress a bit when you have to go out in a risky environment in a mask.

I’ve personally always been a fan of lavender for stress relief and will definitely make it a habit to always spray a little of this inside of my mask moving forward. It’s also the perfect size to fit in any purse!

P.S. If you do decide to buy either of these items please purchase them through the links in my blog. It helps me keep this blog going!

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