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Good Measure Soap Kitchen

There's only one more day until Thanksgiving. That also means that there are only two more days until Black Friday. This has been a crazy year for small businesses, so in preparation for holiday shopping, I thought I would showcase the female-owned small business Good Measure Soap Kitchen.

First things first. The packaging that these handmade artisan soaps and wax melts came in was super cute. It had a nice homey small country store feel and honestly, you could just ship this to someone directly as a gift without wrapping it.

All of the soaps and wax melts are handcrafted by Katie Cheney, who left her career as a schoolteacher after 23 years to follow her dream of owning her own business. She always tries to pair her scents with happy memories - adding just a little bit of extra joy to everything she makes!

She gifted me a lovely box curated with my favorite scents, here's a bit about each one:

Mimi's Pumpkin Pie Soap

This is the cutest soap I've ever seen. It even has cinnamon sprinkled on the whipped cream.

I buy a lot of pumpkin spice products, but somehow this one smells more like a real pumpkin pie than anything I've ever tried. I'm going to have this out in my soap dish tomorrow for Thanksgiving, but I would use this one any time of year!

Creamy Pumpkin Soap

The artistry on this one is just amazing. I can't get over how cute the little pumpkins on a vine on the top of this soap look.

This one smells just like my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies too!

Lavender Sage Soap

This one is such a lovely balance of lavender and sage. It will turn your shower into a spa experience.

All of the soaps are soft on your skin and use phthalate-free fragrance and/or essential oil.

Mimi's Pumpkin Pie Wax Melts

This is the same scent as the first soap mentioned and it is perfect as a wax melt. It gives such a warm and lovely scent to your home. Just beware: This may make you want pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin King Wax Melts

These reminded me of freshly baked sugar cookies! It's a perfect fall/winter cozy scent.

If you want to check out and support Good Measure Soap Kitchen they'll be having a sale this weekend! You can get five of the wax melts for $20 and with every Christmas soap purchase, they will include a surprise gift!

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