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Honest Beauty Review

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Jessica Alba recently re-launched her Honest Beauty collection. In celebration of this, I was sent a few of the brand’s staples to review.

All of the Honest Beauty products are made without parabens, phthalates, silicons, dyes, oil and synthetic fragrances. They are never tested on animals or made with animal by-products. I was also super excited to hear that the whole line is hypoallergenic after spending the past year battling breakouts for the first time in my life.

Extreme Length Mascara + Primer

When I initially heard about this product, I figured the primer would be some sort of clear oil. So, when I took out the white cream covered primer brush, I was pretty doubtful that I would like this product. Nonetheless, I evenly placed the primer on my lashes. They did instantly separate, creating a more doe-eyed look than I naturally have. I also briefly had lashes with streaks of white all over them. So then I had but no choice to put on the black mascara on the other side of this 2-in-1. Once they were coated with the mascara, I had silky black almost spidery looking lashes. I personally quite liked the innocent, yet seductive appearance it lent to my eyes. I highly doubt it extended the length any, but my eyelashes are quite long, so that’s never much of a concern for me personally. It did perfectly separate them. I tried the mascara alone just to see the difference and although it’s okay alone, it’s actually the creamy white primer that seems to be what keeps it from clumping and keeping the lashes perfectly separate.

This one will definitely become a staple in my makeup bag. I actually wish they sold the primer separately, but at $14.99 for the duo I’ll buy it to just use the primer if I ever want to use a different mascara.

Everything Primer - Matte

After struggling this past year with skin breakouts, I was a bit hesitant to try a new primer. Yet, there it was, in the package, waiting for me to try it out. At this point I think my skin issues were more related to food sensitivities and stress, but I have still been trying to use fewer products and wear makeup less often if possible. At least, I figured, Honest products are made from more natural ingredients are were probably going to be less likely to cause any sort of irritation.

The primer is recommended to be worn either alone for a “fresh, no makeup look” or under foundation. I personally thought wearing the primer alone didn’t look any better than wearing nothing. I didn’t notice my skin having any sort of matte effect, but maybe that was just how it looked on me. Yes, it did look like a no-makeup look, but it also didn’t look any different than that. I did however like it as a primer under my regular foundation. I was able to use a bit less foundation than normal and it looked a bit smoother with a light matte effect.

I did not notice my pores get clogged from this product, which was a big win for me. Overall I thought it was a decent primer. And $21.99 for a decent primer that my skin didn’t react to in the slightest sounds like a win to me.

Lip Crayon - Demi-Matte

When you first take off the cap of this lip crayon, you will notice delicate notes of berry and vanilla. The light scent was not mentioned on their website, so that was a nice surprise. It does come on smooth and silky. I ended up getting the demi-matte lip crayon in what they call the “blossom” color. This was the biggest mistake. Normally this sort of coral / berry color looks good on me, but in this case it did not. When applied, it ended up looking like an unnatural matte version of my actual lip color. I’m not a big fan of my natural lip color anyway, but if I’m going to showcase a light natural shade, I would rather it not be matte. After looking in the mirror I realized that I would be much happier with either a darker color closer to what the lip crayon looks like it would be, or just a clear gloss. Maybe I would be happy with this product in a different shade, but I would definitely want to see it on before I purchased a different color based on how much lighter it looked when I actually put it on my lips. It’s only $12.99, but to me any price is a bit high if I have no idea what color it will end up looking like on.

Disclaimer: I received these products from Influenster and Honest Beauty in exchange for an honest review.

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