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Honored Wood Set of Three Floating Shelves Review

I've always loved the idea of putting up floating shelves. They make both a great wall display and are a wonderful way to create more usable space in your room. My greatest fear, though, was that they would be incredibly hard for someone with limited construction skills like me to build and hang up.

So when Honored Wood reached out to me to review their set of three floating shelves, I decided to take the leap and attempt this harrowing task.

When the package arrived it honestly didn't look that complex.

Putting them together was, in fact, quite easy. Each shelf simply has two dark wooden sides and one light wooden piece as the base of the shelf. You simply need to drill them together.

The harder part was getting them on the wall. I have fairly minimal experience with actually drilling holes, so this is the part that scared me.

I first watched a YouTube video to make myself feel a bit better. I started by marking where I wanted the first one to go with a pencil and drilling with my smallest drill bit about as deep as the screw. From there you simply drill with slightly larger bits until it's large enough to insert the screw plug. From there you just hammer in the screw leaving them out from the wall about 2mm. Admittedly, I just eye-balled it and then made sure it was out enough to still hang the shelves.

This was all fairly easy to do, it just sounds complicated if you haven't done it before. The only remotely difficult thing was making sure both holes were even - for this I used a level and a pencil to mark the second hole.

After a bit of careful drilling, the area above my desk looked a lot better - and I finally had a place to put the books that didn't fit on my bookshelf! So if you're hesitant like me and think putting up floating shelves sounds too hard, it's not, it's easier than putting together a nightstand.

I like the variety of sizes. I already have a bookshelf in my room, so I only placed a few books on it, but these are honestly strong enough to just be used purely as bookshelves.

They are solid wood, which surprised me since they only cost $18.99 for the whole set. I loved the color of the wood since it goes pretty well with everything else in my little office nook, but they also have a set in black as well.

If you think this sounds like something you might want in your home as well just click on this link and enter code 10Y3NGQO for an extra 10% off!

Side note: Purchasing from affiliate links in my blog helps keep this blog going. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!

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