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Is the Amora Coffee Subscription Worth It?

A couple weeks ago I happened upon an ad saying that for $1 I could get a bag of Amora gourmet coffee and a travel mug shipped to me for free. The gimmick was that if you didn’t cancel the subscription you would end up paying for four bags of coffee a month for a grand total of $59.80.

Normally, I try to avoid free (or in this case almost free) trials that lead to expensive subscriptions that I may forget about. However, as I was deliberating this one I realized that I could justify the risk in the name of writing a blog post for those curious about whether or not an Amora coffee subscription is actually worth it.

The packaging of this gourmet coffee roasted in the US gives off a lovely mix of old world Italian vibes and Victorian era newspaper advertising. Unfortunately, these bags do not have a way to be resealed. So after my first use from this 8oz bag I had to take a piece of scotch tape to close it back up. You can collect rewards points on their site to get a free Amora coffee canister, but I find it a bit problematic that I would need a canister because I couldn’t close up a bag that I paid $14.95 for.

Unlike some of the other brands I’ve talked about on this blog before, Amora is neither Fair Trade Certified nor certified organic. As far as I could tell from their site they don’t donate a portion to charity either. These are usually the reasons that I’m happy to pay a bit more for a bag of coffee.

The travel mug was honestly really cute and seemed to be a good quality mug. I’ll definitely be using it a lot.

And so, it all now comes down to the taste and quality of the coffee here.

Since this was kind of an impulse purchase I went with the Flirtare blend. They described it like this:

“Sweet, brown bakery cinnamon coffee flavor swirled with lightly toasted hazelnuts.”

I’m a huge fan of hazelnut coffee so I figured on some level I would like this one. Give me a cup of hazelnut coffee with a little oat milk (I’m obsessed with Califa Farms Barista Blend right now) and a nice book and my morning will be nothing but blissful.

I brewed it in my pour over and instantly the whole room smelled amazing.

I honestly liked it, but it certainly wasn’t the best cup of hazelnut coffee I’ve had. I was also disappointed that they used artificial flavors in it. Cinnamon and hazelnut are both things that can be naturally added to a coffee roast.

It was nice to get a cute mug and an 8oz bag of coffee for $1. I won’t deny that. It’s also something I might buy on occasion if they were sold at a local grocery store for maybe $10 for a 16oz bag.

In a world filled with numerous gourmet coffee options they really don’t stand out too well. They’re extremely overpriced for what they are — non-organic, not fair-trade certified and artificially flavored. I also can’t understand why they would make a bag that can’t be sealed back up.

They did offer me a free coffee scoop with my next purchase and it does seem like you normally get a free monthly gift. That part is cute, but not enough for me to justify the price of the coffee.

The travel mug and coffee cup for $1 deal is over, but they pretty regularly have deals like that. If you’re diligent about cancelling subscriptions in time, it was fairly easy to cancel on their site.


If you purchase from one of my Amazon links on the blog I will receive a small commission. It helps keep this blog going! If you just want to give back to the blog you can buy us a cup of coffee here!

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