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Le Jardin Infini

I find that the loveliest way to quickly refresh a space is by adding a small bouquet of flowers to liven up a room. Unfortunately, you need to do this about once a week since cut flowers die so quickly.

Now imagine if you could by a lovely box of roses that wouldn’t need to be replaced for an entire year. It sounds magical like that rose in Beauty and the Beast, right?

It is.

I was lucky enough to be gifted a beautiful light pink box of orange roses from Le Jardin Infini. They arrived looking perfectly fresh and they are designed to stay that way for an entire year.

For those that aren’t familiar, they use real roses that are dipped into a non-toxic and all-natural glycerin based formula to preserve them. This is how they stay magically perfect for up to a year.

They come in a multitude of colors and sizes - you can even get a single one in a small box for the true Beauty and the Beast experience. You’re also able to customize a box with whatever mix of colors you like.

A small box doesn’t cost much more than most flower delivery services and it’s definitely a longer lasting and more thoughtful gift. Check out their full selection of roses here. Definitely a great one to keep in mind this Mother’s Day too!

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