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Louisville Vegan Jerky Co

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Today I wanted to showcase an awesome local small business.

Louisville Vegan Jerky Co was founded in 2012 in Louisville, KY and continues to make amazing non-GMO certified small batch vegan jerky made by hand with locally sourced ingredients.

Textured soy protein is the main ingredient in their jerky and it works as a great base for their amazing artisan-crafted flavors. Each serving (1oz or ⅓ of a bag) contains 6 grams of protein which is fairly comparable to a regular beef jerky that provides about 9 grams of protein per serving.

As someone that still eats meat in moderation mixed in with meat alternatives, this is an excellent replacement to try if you still eat meat and want to switch over to more plant-based options. I’ve tried other vegan jerky brands and this is the first one that I’ve thought actually tasted like beef jerky. The smoked black pepper flavor tastes exactly like beef jerky to me. I’m honestly not sure how they got the texture and flavor of this one so perfect, but if no one told you it was vegan you wouldn’t guess it was.

One thing that I actually preferred about this brand to regular beef jerky was how well the jerky picks up the wonderful flavors they use. Flavors like the Sesame Gochujang, General Tso’s and Buffalo Dill really shine through in ways I don’t feel like they would on a more traditional beef jerky.

They also make a vegan pepperoni that tastes exactly like pepperoni - I’m still shocked by how much of a dead ringer this one was. They use authentic pepperoni spices - like you would get at an amazing pizza place, not in a bag at the store. The consistency is so much like regular pepperoni I’m not sure how this was possible to make with textured soy protein. This one comes in both a traditional jerky flavor or as pepperoni bits that you can easily throw on a pizza.

Their vegan bacon bits are also spot on. This one, like the pepperoni, is so good you could throw it on a meat-eater’s salad and they would have no idea they were eating vegan bacon bits.

I also really love how socially conscious they are. Their Queer KY Cherry Chipotle batch gives back $1 of each bag sold to local non-profit Queer Kentucky. They are also a sponsor of Big Brothers and Sisters of Kentuckiana. It feels so great to support a small local brand that gives right back to their community.

If you want to learn more about Louisville Vegan Jerky Co, check them out here

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