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Quanta Muscle Rub Review

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Early on in my journey of discovering CBD creams and rubs, I decided that the only ones worth buying had at least 500 mg of CBD. I’ve found that all of them work to an extent, but that the stronger ones were the only ones that would make enough of a difference in my muscle pain to sing their praises, so I wasn’t actually expecting to have my mind blown by Quanta’s 150 mg muscle rub. Still, I waited until I was worn down from a long day on my feet at work and tried out the product on my feet and ankles.

Unlike other CBD creams I’ve tried before, this one smelled like some sort of secret-recipe healing salve you place on your chest when you have a sore throat. You can immediately smell the mix of peppermint, clove, and lavender mixed in with a cacophony of floral scents and spices. It’s such a relaxing scent I might just use it in place of Vicks vapor rub the next time I’m sick in bed.

After I rubbed it on my feet I started to feel all of my pain and pressure just melt off. It’s a pretty intense sensation when you first put it on. Those 500mg creams I was using suddenly seemed useless in comparison. I then added some to my ankles, shoulders, and neck as well. I’m not sure if it was because of the CBD or just the intense feeling of so much muscle pain leaving my body at once, but I fell asleep within fifteen minutes of trying it out - and that was definitely not my intent at 6 PM.

I woke up from this unintentional nap feeling so amazingly light. It’s not a permanent fix for muscle pain, but I definitely haven’t had the same level of tight muscles since then and it’s incredible to have a salve that prevents nights of lying in bed sore after a rough week of work.

After researching the product a bit more, I realized that the likely reason this 150 mg muscle rub felt more intense than the 500 mg ones I had used in the past was due to Quanta’s patented polarization technology. In short, this makes their CBD more stable and effective than other CBD brands. I would highly recommend checking out for a much more cohesive explanation of how that works.

This is absolutely going to be a staple in my house moving forward. If you want to check out Quanta’s CBD muscle rub for yourself, my readers can get it for 20% off at by entering the discount code Tori20

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