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Quick and Easy White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha Recipe

What if I told you that you could make a rich and creamy coffeehouse-worthy white chocolate peppermint mocha in less than a minute?

Well, you can by using the FōM Frothing Wand and this quick recipe I “whipped” up.

The lovely people at FōM were kind enough to send me one of their frothing wands to try out. I was honestly surprised by how easy it is to use - you simply place the base of the wand all the way to the bottom of the mug or glass you are using and then tip the whipped cream canister at the top of the wand. Without any added effort it evenly disperses the whipped cream through the drink and leaves a nice foam at the top of the drink - making it almost look like an actual latte or cappuccino.

It’s faster to use than it is to send off a mobile coffee drink order and quick enough that you can easily make a nice creamy coffee drink in your favorite to-go mug for your drive to work without having to wake up early. It’s great in just a regular cup of coffee or hot chocolate, but I thought it might be fun to make some easy holiday coffee drinks with it too!

Now here’s the actual recipe for the white chocolate peppermint mocha:


1 cup of hot coffee - I prefer an espresso roast for this, but any coffee will work.

Can of whipped cream

Tonini white chocolate syrup

Mint flavoring

1 candy cane

Optional: Crushed candy cane pieces for decor

Step 1 - Pour your favorite cup of coffee. I would suggest a nice dark or espresso roast - Cafe Bustelo is my favorite for making holiday coffee drinks, but anything will work.

Step 2 - Add in roughly a tablespoon of the Tonini white chocolate syrup and a few drops of the mint. Stir.

Step 3 - Using the FōM Frothing Wand add in the whipped cream. To do this place the bottom of the wand firmly into the bottom of the mug and then tip the whipped cream canister. Fill until you get the desired amount of foam on top of your mug.

Step 4 - Optional: Add crushed pieces of candy cane on top of the drink.

This simple to make drink is best served with good company and some lovely Christmas music playing in the background. It’s perfect to take along on Black Friday sales that require you to get in line before the coffeehouses are even open!

I definitely recommend getting a FōM Frothing Wand to make quick and amazing at-home coffee drinks for you and your loved ones that are over for the holidays. It’s also the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for all of the coffee lovers in your life.

I also love that they are dishwasher safe and come with two straw cleaners. Not just is it quick to use, but they are easy to clean as well.

Need one more reason to justify spoiling yourself with a FōM Frothing Wand? With every purchase, they give $1 to the Wounded Warrior program. They’re also a family-owned business so you’ll be shopping small too!

Check them out for yourself here:

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