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Roastiva Coffee

Updated: May 24

There is nothing better than supporting a coffee brand that puts an emphasis on making sure their farmers are fairly paid while focusing on creating an eco-friendly product. This is what initially drew me to Roastiva Coffee Roasters. Not just are they Fair Trade Certified, but they donate back to their farmers as well - making it so that 20% of what you pay for a bag goes directly to the farmer.

They use completely compostable bags for their coffee - this is definitely the first time I’ve seen a coffee company do this. Every year 27 million plastic coffee bags hit the landfill. If we consciously start choosing brands that can utilize compostable packaging we can really make a huge difference in how much we are filling landfills. They also never use plastic in any of their shipping materials.

The coffee is certified organic- meaning that the product is not just pesticide free to make it healthier for you and me, but that the farmers are safer by not having to work with potentially toxic pesticides that would hurt them and those in their community.

On top of all of this they donate 5% of all profits to a local charity at the end of the year that has been chosen based on votes from customers.

This is definitely a brand that I’m happy to support and would absolutely recommend for the above reasons alone.

Still, I got a few of their coffees to try out so here are my thoughts on how they actually taste.

Roastiva Low Acid blend

Origin: Guatemala and Sumatra

On the nose I found this one to be lightly earthy with notes of cocoa nibs. Overall it’s a very mellow coffee. It does have strong hints of cocoa and I quite enjoyed that. This is a perfect cup to start your day with. It’s definitely a rich and bold blend. This one would pair perfectly with a chocolate croissant in the morning and it would also be a nice coffee to pair with a rich dessert.

If you aren’t familiar with low acid coffee I would highly recommend checking out this article I wrote on it. In short, low acid coffee is a much better option than regular coffee if you have GERD, heartburn, or ulcers.

Roastiva Sweet and Smooth

Origin: Mexico and Guatemala

On the nose I noticed notes of caramel and cherry. I found it to be very smooth and almost velvety with notes of plum and toffee. This one would be excellent paired with a cinnamon roll or a nice fruit and cheese plate.

Roastiva Extreme Caffeine

Origin: Peru and Mexico

This one was by far my favorite of the three

On the nose: This one almost has campfire vibes to me. Smokey in a good way mixed with notes of caramel.

Upon tasting this one I thought it was a nice rich roast with a nice smokey flavor. Notes of chestnut as well. This would pair well with a nice hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs with toast.

As you might have assumed from the name, this one is made to have a higher than average amount of caffeine. By using an intricate process of light roasting they are able to make this light roast have 70% more caffeine than the average cup of coffee. Light roasts are always a bit more caffeinated, but they seem to have perfected the light roasting technique to make this one even more caffeinated than expected.

You can check out Roastiva for yourself here.

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