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Why Everyone Needs At Least One Meaningful Statement Ring

Statement rings have been an important part of the human collective since the days of the pharaohs. Through the ages, they've been used to showcase social status, wealth, education, relationship status, and a bit about your personality.

The jewelry that we choose to wear tells a mini-story about us. I remember from my days of going to castings and auditions one great piece of advice: dress for the role, but let them see a bit of your personality through your jewelry choices.

This honestly might be why I fell in love with this silver-colored scorpion ring. It's both neutral enough to pair with anything but screams "Hey, I still have an edgy side despite what the rest of my outfit might say."

It's beautifully detailed down to the blue crystal eyes. It's also a nice solid ring made of stainless steel. You can't even make the thinner metal limbs of this little scorpion bend, which is amazing for this sort of ring.

As someone that's naturally a bit more introverted, I always love how statement rings can quickly become a talking point.

If you are wearing a large statement ring though, make sure to only wear one.

If you wear more than one large ring it doesn't matter what type of ring you have on, the story you're telling is suddenly that you're very eccentric and a bit gaudy.

I adore this large rose ring, because it grabs attention, but can also work with almost any outfit. It can go from girly to goth to punk depending on what you pair it with.

I love the quality of this one as well. It's a nice heavy and durable ring, that still feels soft and delicate on your hand. You can also see the beautifully sculpted curves of each petal.

Now, my favorite type of statement ring tells a small story about you. It could hold a gem that was mined from one of your favorite vacation spots or remind you of one of your favorite days or people.

I adore this little turtle ring because it's both a stunning piece with its shell encasing a lovely blue opal and it's still small enough that you could even wear it to the office without any problem.

For me, it's a small reminder of nice warm days on the beach. It's lovely just to look at and reminisce while I'm stuck in the midwest not wanting to travel until covid-19 is more under control.

This stunning ring is also made of sterling silver. I was stunned by how affordable this one was too. It's an amazing quality statement piece for under $50.

All of these lovely rings are from These are just a few of my favorites from the site, but they also have more simple styles if you aren't as into the idea of having a fun statement ring. They sell great quality rings at super affordable prices and shipping is free if you live in the US.

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