• Tori Long

Win a Pair of Inner Mettle IM Earth Connect Shoes

3 Winners! Link below ⬇️

I’ve always loved earthing. It’s amazing for your body and research has shown that it can actually reduce inflammation. Earthing is especially good for you following injury and can help reduce pain and loss of function. Normally this involves taking off your shoes and standing directly on fresh grass or sand etc.

For this giveaway I've teamed up with Inner Mettle who have come up with an awesome pair of shoes that can offer you the same benefits without needing to be in a place you feel comfortable walking around barefoot.

I can honestly say that they work just as well as more traditional earthing. They’ve also become my favorite pair of shoes as I’ve been recovering from whiplash from a bad wreck I was in a couple weeks ago.

If you want to get a pair for yourself and a couple of your friends make sure to enter here or just go to my Instagram @TotallyToriLong

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